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Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and cannot remain silent“- Victor Hugo

While in Ireland a few years ago, my mom and I decided that the best way to see the country the way we wanted to was via rental car-a decision that was an adventure in and of itself (but- ’tis for another time). We discovered early on that the last passenger in the rental car left a copy of an old CD in the player. This seemed odd to us, but once we hit play, we did not stop listening- it was The Kilkenny’s if anyone knows them-until it was two weeks later and time to go home. This happy accident was one of the best things to happen on that trip! (And still to this day, my mom has that CD in her car’s player.) Music became such a key part of our trip to Ireland that now, I can hardly associate a memory without a song playing in the background.


Music has a way of doing that- making a mental memory bank so┬áthat when I hear certain tunes now, they take me right back to the┬ábest trips of my life! All of this is to say that since “song” is such an important factor of travel to me, I felt that sharing a playlist for Ireland would be something worthwhile. I also would love to say that making sets for any of your trips is a “hands-down” great idea. Like I said before, music has such an amazing effect. One moment you are listening on shuffle, and the next you are back, riding through the tiny backroads of County Kerry…or you know…where ever you personally are transported to!

Below is an old playlist made new with songs from and inspired by my 2012 Ireland Trip- please enjoy! It has some standards like The Pogues and the Kilkenny’s, some classic Irish tunes from the pub, and of course, recent additions from Irish songsters I am currently obsessed with (*cough*cough* HOZIER*cough*):



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