Do You Believe in Magic?


I do not make films primarily for children. I make them for the child in all of us, whether we be six or sixty. ” -Walt Disney

There are some places that, for me, will never get old! No matter how many times I go, things just keep getting better. This past week’s trip to Disney World was like something out of a dream. It whirled by in such a hurry that before we knew it, it was time to enter back into the real world and leave the amazing universe that Walt created.

(I’ve been listening to Disney music since we left…I just can’t Let It Go!…please don’t leave, I’m so sorry. I just had to!)


So, a little background: This trip was courtesy of one of my dearest friends, Katie, who invited me and three other friends to accompany her to Walt Disney World for her 18th birthday. If you thought Disney was magical before, try going on a birthday or other celebratory holiday…it’s insane! Despite cramming all that we could into this first day we still left out things to do- that’s how much there is there!



Tomorrowland was one of my favorite parts of Magic Kingdom. I’d never been before so everything seemed like A Whole New World (let’s see how many of these I can fit in)! Some of the highlights included The Carousel of Progress (so neat-one of Walt’s original creations), Space Mountain, and the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor which was actually extremely hilarious! And of course, if you are needing a moment for sits, the Peoplemover is a nice break.


 I love this vintage Space Mountain poster too much (not mine, thanks though, Google!)


belle's castle magic kingdom

I didn’t realize until I got there that Disney built Belle her own castle! As a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast, this made me almost pee my pants- I am absolutely serious. Thanks to Katie working some magic of her own, we got to dine at the restaurant under Belle’s castle for lunch that day which was…let’s just say an adventure of it’s own! However, I will say that the food and atmosphere of Be Our Guest was pure magic and I did in fact try the grey stuff…it was delicious!



New Fantasyland was the highlight of the park for me just because of how amazing all of the latest additions are! Not only is there Belle’s castle but also a new Snow White roller coaster that will knock your socks off! The Little Mermaid movie ride is also one to not miss; we rode it twice in a row it’s THAT great! I’m pretty sure the people watching the security tapes from that night had a good laugh because both times on that ride we were all dancing and singing at the top of our lungs…this is what happens when five teenage girls do Disney and go Under the Sea!


 Looking a little cross-eyed there, Belle…also, can I just take a minute to talk about how delicious those giant Mickey treats look?




Eating at Tony’s was not only a highlight of Disney but of my life. The pasta was made out of actual angel hair, I’m pretty sure. We were so hungry, hot, and exhausted by the time we got here that we scarfed down a three course dinner in the course of 30 minutes…and we did not eat lightly by any means…!


Ending the night with fireworks is just so very Disney! We stood behind the castle to watch and it was surprisingly a fantastic spot to see the show! It was nowhere near as packed as the front of the castle, making it a great place to get pictures and just take it all in.

In 15 hours, we still left the park having missed some attractions…that’s how jam-packed Magic Kingdom is! I missed doing the Tea Cups and It’s A Small World this time around but, I guess that just leaves me something to go for next time! Besides, I still got to do some of my favorites like The Haunted Mansion, Peter Pan, Splash Mountain, and Thunder Mountain Railroad so it’s all good.

Here are some parting tips for Magic Kingdom:

1) Get Fastpasses if and when you can because they are life (and feet) savers! You can only get three at a time so plan wisely!

2) Stay “sunblocked” and hydrated- seriously! Be Prepared! Cups of water are free most places so don’t be shy about asking for this freebie. Park workers totally understand the struggle…they live in Florida after all!

3) Get your souvenirs at the END of the day/trip. Don’t fret- that one shop you passed on Main Street is not the only place you will find that Stitch pillow-pet, I promise!

4) One of the best times to ride the rides is the crunch time between the fireworks and park closing. You may have to jog a bit to get to where you need to go but honestly, the lack of lines is SO worth it!

5) Wait in the lines to meet the characters- just do it! This was the first time at Disney when I’ve done this and I will tell you honestly, I will continue to do it from here on out. The line moves quickly and it just helps add to the magic! They take so much time with each person, it’s kind of amazing that they get through all of the people.

6) Eat. The. Dole. Whip. Did you know that Magic Kingdom is one of the only places on the continental US that you can get Dole Whip? This fact was pointed out to me by one of my friends from the Orlando area and it floored me! All the more reason to wait and get it, then, right? Just look at how good this looks! **Order suggestion: get the Pineapple Float with the vanilla/orange twist dole whip! I promise you will not be disappointed!**

(Image below is not mine, found on Google from
dole whip

That’s all I’ve got for now but I’ll be back with Day 2 quite soon!

Until next time,


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  1. With the flux of bloggers going to Disney lately, Ive definitely had Disney on the brain, unfortunately I probably won’t be going until my nephew is 5. I haven’t been since I was in the 5th grade which was many moons ago, so I feel like its time! Its great to see you had such fun. I love Belle she is my favorite, I would die if I could dine in her castle also!

    • It was so fantastic! I highly suggest going when you can- they’ve added so much! But it was so fun, thanks for the great comment!

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